• 2016
  • By the grace of your wishes Kalabhumi Arts was now showcasing art on International platform at 6th International art fair in Dubai, at Art hub Abu-Dhabi from 11th to 17th January 2016. SMD foundation and JUNGLE KILLOL foundation is gearing up for 6th international art festival, one of the most reputed art festival which will be held in ART HUB ABU DHABI. In 6TH edition, Smd foundation and Jungle Killol foundation aims to go beyond the canvas, celebrating art in its myriad forms. At this prestigious event India was represented by acclaimed artist Mr. Asgar Ali through his painting title 'Life' on International Level. International Art Festival In Dubai Abu­Dhabi, National acclaimed artist Mr. Asgar Ali famous art “Glass of life” made its recognition at International level in Dubai Art Fair. Its price rated 40 lakh there by organiser but still on exhibition.

    Drawing competition in Dwarka

    This year Kalabhumi held wonderful Drawing competition on the occasion of Republic day. It was a Great and peaceful time for Competition. Around 1500 student were participated in this competition from all Dwarka. Three Categories was divided in this competition for student age groups and topics. Winner students got prizes like bicycle, LCD TV, Mix grinder and coupons,wrist watch and more.

    India Art Fair Visit

    India Art fair visit organised to broaden the students’ view of art and creativity by Kalabhumi Arts. The students met a lot of artists each of whom had a different style of working. They were very inspired by their visions and their various works in various mediums on display there.

    Art and Craft Workshop

    In the Summer Vacation holiday Kalabhumi held Art & Craft workshop at Dwarka NCR. This was 15 days workshop. Multi Different worksheet and clay Modeling techniques, Paper Jewellery, Sand Paintings and much more was organised. Peoples of Dwarka were happy to Enrolment in this workshop. They learned lot of things from Kalabhumi Artist.

    Summer Camp 2016

    Kalabhumi Arts selecting summer activities for child. A month of summer such a valuable experience for everyone child and young. We had intended to make summer camp a wonderful memory for campers and it was successful. We pay quality and tone to each week in Art and craft classes, Drawing classes, Calligraphy classes, Clay Modeling classes, Paper Mache classes and more...

  • New Year Celebration

    Kalabhumi Arts celebrated this year New Year with new foundation students. The main motive of this celebration was to introducing whole students from his/ her batch mates and artworks. All New students were happy to introduce myself. End of the Day held a big party. All were enjoying this New Year and make it most memorable Day of the Year.

    India Art Festival Visit

    Kalabumi Arts held a wonderful Exhibition visit at India Art festival at Delhi. It was most important and innovative time for all the student to enhance their art Foundation. Where artist Prince Chand share his experience with students of his Paintings in oil painting, acrylic painting, abstract art wood cut art, Sketching, portraits and more. This was successful journey for student future.

    Oil Painting Demonstration

    Oil Painting demonstration for students was held at Kalabhumi Arts. The main aim was the study of Drawing Medium Basic Skills, and more. Demonstration was successful i aim. All Students were satisfied with this Oil Painting Demonstration.

    Achiever's Award 2016

    Kalabhumi Arts Held a big Annual Achiever's Award 2016 at Hansraj College Auditorium, Delhi University. Achiever's Award 2016 Function was Inaugurated with the hands of Our Guest of Honor Eminent Artist vijender sharma ji, Dean of Jamia Fine art prof Sadre Alam ji, water colour Artist Amit kapoor ji, Mukesh sinha ji Veerendra Kumar Singh ji. Many cultural Programmers were Organised and Kalabhumi best students were rewarded by our Guest of honours.And the most Memorable moment for kalabhumi was the Induration of kalabhumi Catlogues with the hands of our Guest. Our sincere thanks for all your kind attending the programe.

  • 2015
  • Kalabhumi Arts is growing and achieving new heights with blessing of great and famous Artist Jatin Das. He has been paintings for 50 years. He held exhibition India and abroad. He works in Oil, water colour, Ink and graphics.

    Kalabhumi Article Defender of Freedom Magazine

    Kalabhumi won one more milestone. His article published is in defence news magazine. In inauguration ceremony of international trade fair Kalabhumi arts owner Mr. Asgar Ali share his experience of prisoners of tihar jail with chief minister kejriwal and Gopal Rai Development minister of Delhi. Prisoner’s artworks were exhibited in this trade fair.

    General Meeting of FICCI

    Kalabhumi Arts actively participated at Annual General Meeting of FICCI held recently on 19th December 2015 in New Delhi. Memorable day with eminent artist Ms. Shovana Narayan, Prof. Rajeev Lochan, Ms. Sharon Lowen, Mr. Paresh Maity, and Mr. Rajan Misra. This was very Great successful meeting on Culture and Development: Translating Aspirations into Reality.

    Real live Painting Demonstration at Raahgiri Dwarka

    One more big hand from Kalabhumi arts to supporting Chennai flood victim Kalabhumi was organised a live painting demonstration at Raahgiri Dwarka. Here the Kalabhumi was increase Raahgiri to supporting flood peoples through his activity and felling of art.

    Bites on ABP News

    In RAHAGIRI of Dwarka, peoples of Dwarka canvassing their thought on canvas of Kalabhumi. After successful Raahgiri Supporting to Chennai flood victim Bites on ABP News.

  • Outdoor Clay Demonstration

    Kalabhumi organised outdoor clay demonstration for improving and growing student’s art knowledge. Artist gave knowledge about clay that Clay can be found anywhere but it is only useful for pottery if it has well. The demo was nature of art, and related concepts such as creativity with clay and interpretation.

    Outdoor Clay Demonstration

    Kalabhumi organised outdoor clay demonstration for improving and growing student’s art knowledge. Artist gave knowledge about clay that Clay can be found anywhere but it is only useful for pottery if it has well. The demo was nature of art, and related concepts such as creativity with clay and interpretation.

    Outdoor exhibition Visit

    Kalabhumi held an exhibition visit at Lalit kala Academy to enhance art knowledge. Here the many artist were present and show his art through exhibited. Student asked many questions to artists and artists were replied very simply and were share his experienced with us

    Teachers Day celebration

    Kalabhumi Arts was celebrated Teachers Day as do all institutes. It is the best occasion to extend our sincere gratitude to all the teachers, for not only teaching our students, but being their true mentors and role models. Students. It is a special occasion for everyone. Kalabhumi Arts Founder Mr. Asgar Ali gave his best wishes to all upcoming artists.

    Annual Award Function:

    Kalabhumi Arts organised its annual award function at Dr. S.R.K Auditorium, Delhi Cantonment. Its founder, Mr. Asgar Ali, gave awards to well-known artists for their contribution to the field of art. The evening culminated in a cultural programme.

    Demonstration at International Trade Fair

    Kalabhumi held a Painting demonstration at International Trade Fair. Demo was given by Artist Sanddep Rawal from Mumbai in Acrylic colour. Artist was sharing his art techniques and experiences with students that every child is an artist; the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

  • 2014
  • New Branch at Dwarka:

    It was with great pleasure that Kalabhumi Arts opened a new branch at Dwarka, New Delhi. Ismail Darbar, a popular name in the Indian Film Industry as well as a great composer and violinist, was the chief guest at the opening ceremony. Kalabhumi respectfully welcomed him. He gave his best wishes to Kalabhumi and enjoyed himself in the midst of students and faculty.

    Art Competition at Ashok Vihar:

    There was a competition in Ashok Vihar in which Mr. Asgar Ali, managing director of Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Arts, was invited as a Judge. Sahara Samay, MH1, and Aaj Tak held a live interview with Mr. Ali. Around 200 students participated in this competition. Winners were given prizes.

    Education And Career Exposition:

    Education Times invited Kalabhumi to organise a Workshop at the Education And Career Expo held in Pragati Maidan. The aim of the workshop was to introduce each one to a range of educative and innovative ideas related to art.

    National Art competition:

    Kalabhumi recently held the National Painting Competition at their institute. It was held under the aegis of Whatsurtalent. Students from all over the country such as Uttarakhand, Mumbai, and Udaipur etc. participated in this competition. It was a huge success.

  • Demonstration by Artist Jagdeesh Narayanan

    Live demonstration in water colour. Art is in every field. Here Kalabhumi invited the Best water colour artist Jagdeesh Narayanan from Kerala for demo. Kalabhumi students took knowledge and new techniques. He shares his life art experiences and struggles with students. This successful Watercolour demonstration gave student more and more art knowledge that everything you can imagine is real by art.

    Demonstration on by Kalabhumi Arts Founder:

    Kalabhumi founder Mr. Asgar Ali gave a wonderful Charcoal Demonstration to students. He developed students mind in much more creativity like waves of sea. Students learned many miniature things and points in this demonstration.

    Talent of the Nation Event

    A Talent of the Nation event was organised at Dr. Sarwapally Radhakrishan Auditorium, Delhi Cantonment, by Kalabhumi Arts. A group of artists and musicians, including composer Ismail Darbar, singer Ustad Shamsher Mehndi, and Mrs. Asia Pacific Maya Singh were present at the event where young kids showcased their talent in singing and dancing.

    Counselling Session at School

    For the Built world art Kalabhumi arts held a counselling session in Girls School Bijwasan, Delhi. Around 200 students participated in this counselling. Kalabhumi Owner Mr. Asgar Ali and his faculty gave knowledge about student’s career.

  • 2013
  • 8th Annual Day:

    Kalabhumi celebrated its 8th Annual Day Shri Ismail Darbar was the Chief Guest. Ismail Darbar is the noted Indian composer, violinist, and a popular name in Indian Film Industry. Its annual day being a part of students life. He said that A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

    Counselling Session in Schools:

    Kalabhumi conducted counselling sessions in various schools. Around 1300 students participated in these counselling sessions. School principals gave their good wishes to Kalabhumi. Mr. Asgar Ali helped the teachers of the school to conduct counselling and activities at the counselling session. He taught them colour combinations, various designs and techniques and different forms of paintings. All the teachers and students were very impressed by him.

    Drawing Competition:

    On the occasion of Children’s Day, Kalabhumi conducted a drawing competition. Around 300 students participated in this competition. Winners received prizes from Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Art. Apart from the competition, a lecture was delivered by Mr. Ali that included topics such as vocational courses that students can pursue.

  • Indian Art Fair visit:

    To broaden the students’ view of art and creativity, Kalabhumi organised a visit to the Indian Art Fair. The students met a lot of artists each of whom had a different style of working. They were very inspired by their visions and their various works on display there.

    Annual Award show - 2013

    This year too, Kalabhumi organised the Annual Award Show. The Chief Guests were Punjabi singer Shamsher Mehndi and musician Ismail Darbar. This was showcasing for unbreakable art foundation. for Foundation students won prizes and diploma from Kalabhumi. This was great gala event of the year.

    Art & Craft Workshop in school:

    Kalabhumi conducted art & craft workshop in School. Mr. Asgar Ali helped the teachers of the school to conduct pot painting & block painting activities at the Hobby Classes. Around 75 students participated in these classes. Under his guidance, students learnt a lot of interesting things.

  • 2012
  • Art exhibition visit:

    In this year of 2012 Kalabhumi conducted Art exhibition visits to many of the art galleries in the city are proving to be beneficial to increasing the knowledge of art of students of this institute. This visit to the art gallery was conducted by the Kalabhumi Arts. It was really a good learning and inspiring experience for us and our students.

    Art competition in Govt schools:

    An Art competition was held in Govt. schools in Dwarka. There was a memorable meeting with Mr. Kapil Sibal, who gave his blessings to the winning students and to Kalabhumi for growth in the field of art. Everyone can learn good art and can make career in the field of art.

    Indian Art Fair Visit:

    To increase the knowledge of art, Kalabhumi conducted a visit to the Indian Art Fair. Indian art fair is a big fair is held 1 time in a year. Students of Kalabhumi receiving many art knowledge from our big element artist. The Institute received blessings from many eminent artists such as Jatin Das.

  • Counselling session in schools:

    A fine arts counselling session was held for approximately 2 hours in schools in New Delhi by Mr. Asgar Ali. Around 176 students of class 10th, 11th & 12th participated in this session. Information was imparted about the career options available after 12th and various vocational courses that play a vital role in career development. Students were also informed about the Department of Fine Arts.

    Organised Annual Award Function:

    In the end of the year Kalabhumi organised a big award function for the winning students and increasing and showing his/ her art creativity on the world. Show was inaugurated by the Shamsher Mehndi. Many cultural programmes was showcasing by students.

    Painting competition on Republic Day:

    Kalabhumi organised a painting competition on the occasion of republic day. Around 150 students of different societies of Dwarka were participated in this competition. Winner students were appreciated by best prizes and certificates. This Painting competition aim was to salute our nation and nation art.

  • 2011
  • Kalabhumi opened New branch Dwarka Sec-12

    Kalabhumi opened a new branch in Dwarka. It is much more spacious. Added features include AC class rooms, professional classes with qualified faculty, and affordable classes for all students. Kalabhumi build students art foundation with all Fine arts facilities with big library.

    Art counselling in Dwarka Schools

    Kalabhumi Arts held counselling sessions in Dwarka schools to encourage students to encompass art in their life. Around 200 Students participated in the session and learned a lot of things. Lecture opened a new area of the students. Kalabhumi told about the various courses that play a vital role in career development.

    Independence Day – 2011

    Kalabhumi celebrated and organised a big Drawing competition at Kalabhumi campus on the occasion of Independence Day 2011. Sheets and art materials given by Kalabhumi arts to participate students. All students were participated in this competition with being a independence person and won prizes and certificates. All the students were very happy to attend. They gained lot of knowledge about art from Ms Dolly. We wish her all success in life.

  • Outdoor demonstration

    Outdoor demonstration visit for students was held at Delhi Railway Station. The main aim was the study of perspective, composition, life study, and more. Demonstration was successful i aim. All Students were satisfied with this outdoor perspective demonstration.

    New Year Celebration:

    Kalabhumi was organised a function on the occasion of New Year. The theme was on this occasion every student described your art talent. Kalabhumi given him a platform for achieve new height. In the end of this function, Kalabhumi owner Mr. Asgar Ali gave good wishes for students.

    Annual Award Show 2011

    Kalabhumi organised an Annual Award Show for choice student of the year, Best students and best faculty and awarded by Award 2011 The chief Guest of this function given warm wishes to winner students.

    Meira Kumar appreciates Kalabhumi

    Kalabhumi Arts organised a painting competition in Dwarka. A painting was presented to Mrs. Meira Kumar, Chief Guest of the programme. She was very happy to participate in the programme. We discussed our culture and cultural arts with her. She appreciated good works of Kalabhumi Art and Director Mr. Asgar Ali. She conveyed her happiness in being able to attend this programme.

  • 2010
  • Regular Art exhibition visits

    Regular Art exhibition visits to different art galleries are a continuing feature of this institute. Students learn various nuances of artwork including canvas making, painting process and techniques, and more.

    Jharkhand Visit

    Kalabhumi visited Jharkhand and conducted Art & Craft workshop on 24th March, 2010. This workshop was successful in his motive and peoples of Jharkhand inspired by this Kalabhumi.

    Art competition in Dwarka:

    With a view to developing creativity in children in the field of art, Kalabhumi organised an Art competition in Dwarka. Around 450 students participated and 10 students received awards.

  • Gandhi Jayanti painting competition 2010:

    On the occasion of the Gandhi Jayanti, Kalabhumi conducted a Drawing competition for students at Kalabhumi campus. Around 75 students were participated in this competition. Winning students won prizes from Kalabhumi.

    International Trade fair workshop:

    Kalabhumi Arts felicitated from Honourable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, at the International Trade Fair, for Best Art Workshop.

    Live interview - Sahara Samay, MH1, Aaj Tak

    Mr. Asgar Ali attended the Painting Competition held at Ashok Vihar. Sahara Samay, MH1, Aaj Tak took a live interview of Mr. Asgar Ali about his art life. In this competition, around 200 students participated and the won prizes.

  • 2009
  • Kalabhumi opened First branch

    Kalabhumi opened its first branch at Uttam Nagar, New Delhi. Facilities include good furniture, easels, AC classroom etc. Kalabhumi aim to build art foundation knowledge of art students and motive is emerging the hidden art

    Kalabhumi in Nav bharat Times:

    Nav Bharat Times published an article featuring a fun-filled career counselling session for students by Kalabhumi owner Mr. Asgar Ali. In the counselling session he also gave an interesting lecture on art and artists. We wish him all success in life

  • Art Camps and Counselling sessions:

    1. Kalabhumi conducted special Art Camps in various schools for exploring art & art related career.

    2. Kalabhumi held counselling sessions where around 1500 students from different schools participated.

    Painting & craft Workshop at International Trade Fair:

    Kalabhumi held Painting and Craft workshop at the International Trade Fair and received an good wishes for best workshop at the Presentation Ceremony.

    Award Show – 2009:

    The Academy Awards was an annual awards ceremony hosted by the Kalabhumi arts. This award show organised to inspire students about creativity and mind development.

  • 2008
  • Kalabhumi Arts Started

    6th April 2008

    Kalabhumi Arts took its first step in a small village, Shahabad Mohammedpur, New Delhi, by opening an institute there. The aim was to create art awareness among school students and the public. . Kalabhumi trying our art foundation training and awareness raising to ensuring effective functioning focusing on creating a platform for foundation skill development.

  • Art competitions and counselling session:

    1. Kalabhumi held Art competitions in summer vacations at schools and societies.

    2. To introduce fine arts to students, Kalabhumi conducted counselling sessions in various schools. Such sessions help to remove misconceptions about art and a career in art

    Annual Award Show Kalabhumi-2008:

    To enhance art, Kalabhumi organized an annual event to give awards to the best students of Kalabhumi. This was the great time for student and Kalabhumi arts faculty to enhance our hidden creativity of art.

Kalabhumi Arts started its journey from 2008. Our vision is to help students build a firm foundation in art as well as to inspire them to achieve great heights in a career in this field.